Day 2 Artists


Alt-Rock / Americana

Cracker has been described as a lot of things over the years: alt-rock, Americana, insurgent-country, and have even had the terms punk and classic-rock thrown at them. But more than anything Cracker are survivors. Co-founders David Lowery and Johnny Hickman have been at it for over a quarter of a century – amassing ten studio albums, multiple gold records, thousands of live performances, hit songs that are still in current radio rotation around the globe [“Low,” “Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now),” “Euro-Trash Girl” and “Get Off This,” to name just a few], and a worldwide fan base – that despite the major sea-changes within the music industry – continues to grow each year.

Aaron Lee Tasjan

Indie / Folk

For his entire career Aaron Lee Tasjan has been a genre-bending rising star who’s bold, timeless sound and songwriting has established him as one of the most idiosyncratic artists and songwriters of his generation. 2021’s Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!​, his fourth album, was a masterclass in interstellar pop, vintage glam, 90s Anglophilia and experimental and psychedelic rock & roll. His autobiographical lyrics reflected on self-acceptance, expose his own contradictions and offer a unique self-deprecating critique on the millennial generation’s simultaneous capacity for great empathy and narcissism. The album explored notions of mental health, identity and sexuality and was dedicated to the alternative kids who also felt “other” growing up. “Up All Night,” the first single, was picked by Elton John as one of his favorite songs that year.

May Erlewine


One of the Midwest’s most prolific and passionate songwriters, May continues to share her gift for writing songs of substance that feel both new and soulfully familiar. Her lyrics offer a window into her heartbreak, her empowerment, and her emboldened spirit. These lyrics, which are really stories crafted through May’s unique experiences, are rooted in wisdom, joy, sorrow, simplicity, and love. Musically, she carries the songwriter’s torch through many genres and sonic landscapes. The delicate arrangements seem to land somewhere between the go-to labels, making it difficult to describe and easier to enjoy.

Among her successes, perhaps her biggest accomplishment is that her music has touched people all over the world. Her words have held solace for weary hearts, offered a light in the darkness, and held a lot of space for the pain and joy of being alive. When she starts to sing, there’s no way around it: welcome in, everyone. The door is wide open.

Anne Harris & Dave Herrero

Blues / American Roots

Anne Harris and Dave Herrero are Chicago based Blues and American Roots artists that have been collaborating as a powerful duo for over six years. Their sound is culled from deep Chicago Blues and is steeped in Americana, Rock, Soul, Folk and Funk. This unique blend of influences, executed with incredible emotion and top notch musicianship, makes this pairing a truly captivating experience.

Nora O'Connor w/ Steve Dawson

Folk Rock

Nora O’Connor has been an in-demand backup singer/multi-instrumentalist for decades, performing around the world with Iron and Wine, The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Robbie Fulks, Neko Case, Mavis Staples, and Chicago super group the Flat Five, to name a few. The constraints wrought by Covid limited her to touring the backyards of her hometown alone, and reminded her that she can hold her own on guitar and she can sing the hell out of anything—and she can write a song, too. She joins forces with Chicago Folk / Americana singer-songwriter, Steve Dawson, who has been called “one of the most underrated songwriters in American music,” writing what’s described as “graceful, poetic songs akin to a volume of great short stories in their precise, exacting wordplay and soulful heartache.”

Michele McGuire


Singer-songwriter Michele McGuire will captivate you from the get go. With her candid lyrics, charming stage banter and soulful voice, she'll stick with you long after the show ends. The Chicago native cleverly blends gritty country with profound emotion and a splash of whiskey to create an alt-country sound all her own.

The Backups


The Backups are a soulful, harmony-driven lady trio made up of Leslie Sypian, Meredith George and Morgan Ingle. A love for music and sharing it brought this group together. All hailing from Southwest Michigan, the trio met through running in the same musical circles in the Benton Harbor Arts District. The Backups are now joined by Marc Churchill on drums, Nate Edwards on bass & Nate Sypian on lead guitar. The ladies all share the spotlight vocally while highlighting each other's talents.

Brad Cole


The songs of Brad Cole address the ups and downs of the human condition with both wit and raw insight. His passionate and distinctive delivery of roots-based folk music glides on an eclectic mix of old school jazz, rhythm & blues and rock, moving listeners in a direction that is both unexpected, yet perfectly familiar.

The Erly


Michigan indie-soul collective The Erly take collaboration, friendship and good vibes to the absolute max with a riveting fusion of ‘60s and ‘70s rock, pop, funk and modern indie. With clean guitar work, layered vocals and rhythmic groove sensibility that energizes even their most solemn works, The Erly would fit right in at both Woodstock ‘69 and at the indie nerve center that is SXSW.