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The Acorn provides opportunities for outside producers to bring their artists to our stage.  Our rates are affordable and include many services to help make your show a success.  The Acorn venue seats up to 300.  We have a full state-of-the-art sound system and lighting equipment.  The Acorn provides event listing and ticket sales through our website, show operations staffing and multiple marketing outlets.

The Acorn is the ideal venue to record and videotape artists.  Please contact us for more information.

Outside Producers & Promoters: nikki@acornlive.org

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Seating capacity: 300

Amenities: Full bar and free nearby parking

Rental rates include stage and seating area, lobby, tech booth, lighting and sound equipment, dressing room, backstage, lobby merch area and audience amenities, including heating/cooling, and bathrooms.

Reservations & Information

Produce an Event or Private Rental
Please contact nikki@acornlive.org

Please contact Michael@acornlive.org

Front of House (FOH) - 5300 Watts Total

Equipment Available for Rent

  • Kimball 6'10" grand piano with adjustable bench
  • Peavey KB300 keyboard amplifier
  • Gretsch Renown maple drum set (Including): 24" kick w/pedal, 14" snare w/stand, single tom w/stand, 16" floor tom (all Evans heads), adjustable drum throne, hi-hat stand, 14” hi-hat cymbals, and 18" ride cymbals, 16" and 20” crash cymbals (all Zildjian)
  • David Eden World Tour WT-800 bass amplifier head with (Bullfrog 4x10 AlumaBass cabinet)
  • Drum riser
  • Movie screen & video projector
  • Additional equipment available for rent upon request.

Equipment Available Included With Rent

  • Allen & Heath Model QU-32 Digital Audio Mixing Console
    • 32 Mic/Line channels
    • 3 stereo channels
    • 40 sources to the mix
    • 4 DCA Groups
    • 4 Mute Groups
    • 12 Output Mixes (4 mono, 3 stereo, left & right main)
    • 4 Effects (4 send buses)
    • 32 out, 32 in USB, 4 stereo groups, 2 stereo
    • Parametric & Graphic EQ
    • Gating, compression, multi-effects on each channel.
    • Motorized faders
    • Total recall of all settings
    • 100 scene memories
    • USB streaming and multitrack hard drive recording
    • Remote IPAD wireless control capable
  • DBX Driverack PA+ Speaker Management System Two QSC GX7 Stereo Power Amplifiers
    • 725 watts each channel at 8 ohms driving four JBL PRX415M
    • 15" and horn 2-way speaker cabinet (mid/hi’s)
  • One Mackie 808S 1200 Watt Stereo Powered Mixer
  • One Crown XTI-6002 Series 2 Stereo Power Amplifier
    • 1200 watts each channel at 8 ohms driving two JBL PRX 418S single 18" subwoofer cabinets

Stage & Monitor

  • Four - Mackie SRM350 powered monitor speakers
  • Two - Yamaha Stage IV 15" monitors
  • Six - Behringer DI100 direct boxes (DI,s) and multiple ¼” instrument cables
  • Various Audio-Technica, Behringer, EV, Sennheiser, and Shure cardioid and condenser Microphones and multiple XLR microphone cables
  • Various straight stick & boom microphone stands (short and tall)
  • Six music stands


What is included in the base rent?
Rent includes stage and seating area, lobby, tech booth, lighting and sound equipment, dressing rooms, backstage, outside display area and audience amenities, including heating/cooling, and bathrooms.

What marketing is included in the base rent?
The Acorn will market and promote events including but not limited to e-blasts, social media, other area websites and an Acorn flyer. A producer may send up to three posters and/or flyers and postcards for display at the theater.

Can The Acorn record the show?
Yes! Please contact Michael@acornlive.org for details on video or audio recording.

Do you have a piano?
A Kimball 6’10” grand piano with an adjustable bench

Does the piano have to remain onstage?
The piano is stored off stage.

What is the size of the stage?
We’ve paced out every inch on this drawing Acorn Stage

What hours do we have access to the theater?
Theater access is from 4 pm ET (3 pm CT) with load out by 11:30 pm ET (10:30 pm CT). Contact us [link] in advance to make other arrangements.

What time do doors open to the public?
Doors open one hour before the show. Contact us in advance to make other arrangements.

Would the Acorn consider a door split instead of a rental?
No. The Acorn does not do door splits.

Does the venue own any backline?
Yes. We are committed to providing all of our artists with the equipment they need to shine on stage. Click on the "Equipment" tab to see details of our comprehensive in-house backline.

What kind of sound system do you have?
Audio excellence is a top priority at the Acorn. We will easily meet your sound needs with one of the finest systems in the region. Check out the details by clicking on the "Equipment" tab.

What equipment do you have available to rent?

  • Kimball 6'10" Grand Piano with Adjustable Bench
  • Peavey KB300 Keyboard Amplifier
  • Gretsch Renown Maple Drum Set (Including): 24" Kick w/pedal, 14" Snare w/stand, Single Tom w/stand, 16" Floor Tom (All Evans Heads), Adjustable Drum Throne, Hi-Hat Stand, 14” Hi-Hat Cymbals, and 18" Ride Cymbals, 16" and 20” Crash Cymbals (All Zildjian)
  • David Eden World Tour WT-800 Bass Amplifier Head with (Bullfrog 4x10 AlumaBass Cabinet)
  • Drum Riser
  • Fender Bassman ’59 Reissue Combo Guitar Amp
  • Movie Screen & Video Projector

Can we bring our own sound technician?
Yes, with prior arrangement. Our Technical Engineer must always be present.

Can we bring our own sound and lighting equipment?
Contact us in advance to get approval to bring any external outboard gear, sound consoles, monitor boards, lighting equipment, etc. Do you allow haze machines or fire?

Where do we unload?
At the Acorn theater’s front door on Generation Drive.

Where can we park?
Three Oaks offers several nearby on-the-street and municipal lot options. See map. Please reference this map for details.

Can I leave my vehicle in the municipal lots or on the street overnight?

How can we be considered as an opener for a show?
Please email booking@acornlive.org to ask about possibilities.

Can we sell tickets on a website other than the Acorn’s?

Can we host a Meet and Greet?
Yes. Contact us to make arrangements.

Can we sell merchandise?
Yes. The Acorn will not take a percentage. Sales cannot be processed through the Acorn so bring your own bank.

Is there a staff person to help sell our merchandise?
Our volunteers are generally available to help you.

Can you recommend an area hotel?
You can find a list of Harbor Country hotels and Bed & Breakfasts here.

Can we hold seats for friends and family prior to the show?
Producers may reserve up to two seats.

Are children welcome?
Supervised children are welcome.

Can we bring our own alcohol and food?
You may bring in your own food. Alcohol is available through the bar.

Is there a dressing room?

Where can we eat before the show?
You will find a list of Three Oaks restaurants and bars here. Tourist Info

Where can we have an after party?
Nelson’s Saloon in Three Oaks is open late. Call in advance, 269-756-6161, to confirm hours.

Do you rent the theater as a rehearsal space?
Please email Michael@acornlive.org for details.

What is the Acorn theater’s seating capacity?